2017 Columbus Marathon

Another half marathon in the books!  It was not pretty, I was not on my game but I was so glad that I did it.  I haven’t done this race in years (like 7 I think!) and it was VERY different than my first experience, mainly because it is now associated with  Nationwide Children’s hospital.  Each mile has a designated patient champaign where a child is there to give you a high five-so wonderful!!!  The entire event has such a great energy and running past that hospital with the children looking out the window really puts things in perspective.   Hard to run at times when thinking about all the children at the hospital-crying and running aren’t the best combination!  BUT it is still a great race to support.

I went to the expo on Saturday and volunteered at the Greater Columbus Sister Cities booth where they were giving away shoes for a hashtag event.  I got to talk to some of the other ambassadors–some from previous years and some that were going this year too but to Brazil.  We talked with expo goers about the organization and just hung out.  I have never done an expo before so it was a cool experience.  Also while I was there I stopped by the One Up Bands booth and met the owner Kirk for the first time face to face.  It was great to chat with him for a few minutes then I left so he could work.  Did you know I am the brand ambassador for them?  Check out my Facebook group for discounts and exclusives 🙂   Facebook Group One UP Bands VIP

So the morning of the race I rode with some of my running MRTT girls which is always fun.  I started with a few of them but took to my usual mentality and started WAY TOO FAST.  Sometimes this works for me but today was not the day.  I ended up walking a lot more than usual and I just felt off.   2 of the girls caught up to me and I knew this from a smack on my rear-end, scared the crap out of me!!!  I had my headphones in and wasn’t planning on being touched, let alone an aggressive love tap! We had a good laugh and of course payback is H*LL!!!! LOL

I realized I wasn’t getting a PR from the weekend before at the Brokeman’s Race so I just focused on finishing a bit better than I had in the past years.

At the turn off to finish the race there was a great group of MRTT girls including one of my besties so I stopped for a super quick hug and off to the finish!!!

Once I finished, getting out to the MRTT VIP tent was a bit crazy but I met up with the crew of ladies (plus one Hubby!) and ate some post race snacks–Pretzels and chips my fav!!!  No healthy food for me, I know-I just ran I should fuel my body but I can’t resist the salt!  And bananas haven’t been my friend in the past post race–EEK.


Also, check out the swag medal!  It was cool because it showed the same firework explosion as the start of the race.  So cool. Left is half and right is full, I love the idea of having 2 medals for the finish.


Again, I can’t say anything but awesome about this race.  I think next year I want to volunteer and support all the runners.  But who knows maybe I will run again 🙂


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